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Girls Together Program 

12 Week Mentorship 


What is the program?

This 12 week mentorship is an immersive program, which will equip young girls with all the tools, knowledge, and self power to move through life with confidence & ease.


This program contains all those things you wish you had been taught as a young girl

What age is the program suitable for?

Suitable for ages 8yrs onwards

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What will it include 

The program will cover a large variety of subjects including 

  • Understanding what a boundary is, how to set them and stick to them 

  • How to improve communication techniques especially when there is an emotional reaction

  • How to regulate their emotions to keep them in control 

  • How to work with their menstrual cycle on a deeper level, track, monitor, adapt and understand

  • How to know what you want and need, and how to say no

  • Sex - How to understand the importance of ensuring pleasure, how to communicate and express in different situations around sex

  • Improving confidence, self worth, self love and self esteem 

  • Breathwork for working with anxiety and life obstacle 

  • How to bring meditation into their life's to include stillness

  • Identifying and working with fears

  • And more depending on time frames

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