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We have been running Retreats since 2019, and now host a variety of nourishing and Soulful Retreats across the world.

We are extremely passionate in delivering a unique, loving and powerful experience to all those  who attend our Retreats. All of which are designed with a specific theme to allow you to walk away a different person. 

Check out our upcoming Retreats below 


May 2023 - Bedfordshire 

Rest, Relax & Restore 

Are you in need of some serious rest? 

Has life been a bit hectic and you just can't seem to catch a moment for yourself, this has left you feeling drained and exhausted.

September 2023 - Morocco 

5 Day
Transformational Women's Retreat 

Sisters, are you feeling the call to make courageous and aligned change?

Are you ready to rise higher with your unique gifts, potential and purpose?

Are you committed to claiming the life your heart longs for - one filled with REAL love, abundance and fulfilment?


March 2024 - Cyprus 

Health Reset Retreat 

This 6 day Retreat will allow you to fully reset your Health. 

Are you feeling like your health is declining, have you noticed that you feel tired all the time, that your eating habits have become unhealthy, that you have no get up & go drive to do anything, which is making you feel stuck and heavy?

September 2023

Couples Retreat 

Copy of the luxury styling.png

Join us for this immersive Couples Retreat in a beautiful location by the River.


Our intentions for this Retreat are to drive effective communication, encourage play, connection and consciousness into their relationship. 

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