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I joined PTK a few months ago with Dottie. Due to health reasons I couldn’t get a gym or personal trainer to take me on. Dottie and PTK didn’t hesitate. They have given me the chance to change my life and there are not enough thankyou’s in the world I can say. In the months I have been there my health and confidence has gone through the roof !! Dottie and kayleigh are truly amazing people. PTK is not just there to train you they are family. I would recommend anyone to PTK, to Kayleigh and to Dottie. Their dedication to you as person is second to none, you are treated as family. Thank you for everything you have done for me. PTK all the way !!!​



I’ve trained with PTK for over a year now and got amazing results in preparation for my wedding. I felt amazing. Long story short I’ve had a very difficult time in the last four months and took some time off exercise. I rejoined Jan where I added the yoga classes to my weekly exercise as I love yoga and have done for ten years or so.

I can’t rave enough about Kayleigh’s yoga classes.

First of all she managed to fulfil a bucket list item for me by teaching me the headstand which quite honestly I was not convinced I’d ever do.

I’m progressing much further and faster than I’ve ever done before in yoga and am learning so much to do with the breathing techniques and how to apply them, which is something I really feel is lacking in many other classes you can go to at a gym.

More importantly I feel less stressed, more energetic and able to take on day to day life.

If anyone out there is thinking about trying a yoga class with Kayleigh then stop thinking and come along.



PTK has without a doubt changed my life for the better. I joined up in January for Ladies Learn to Lift having never lifted a weight or Kettlebell in my life. I remember being welcomed so warmly and shown correct techniques and being pushed. I found myself having so much fun that I decided to join on for other programmes and now here I am, 8 months later, 15 inches and 4 dress sizes down, having met a phenomenal group of like minded ladies and having a great time. The PTK family welcomes everyone of any ability and shape and size and is truly inclusive, I've never known what it feels like to work so hard yet have so much fun and laugh as much as I do. I feel the best I have felt in years due to Kayleigh and the team and whilst it hasn't been quick, I have made long term positive changes and stuck to it. if you read anything from this review, sign up for a 6 week course, dedicate your time and come say hello, you won't regret it.



Kayleigh is magical , I’ve been transformed from a person who’s life was ruled by several medical conditions to a person who has built up muscles around all my injuries to help support them !! I’m fitter , healthier and happier !! All in six weeks most of all I’m enjoying exercise so much I love it !!, all thanks to this lady she is the best



Kayleigh is amazing. I’ve trained 1:1 with Kayleigh then done 2 ladies learn to lift courses. It gives you a really good foundation to lift with the correct form. I group train and attend classes, Both of which are fun but require hard graft!
Kayleigh inspires women to gain confidence and feel empowered to train in the gym or at home. She’s strives to provide a personalised professional service.



I started training with PTK just over a year ago, I wanted to improve my lifting technique as I had just done pump classes at the gym before with little to no supervision. The ladies learn to lift classes was just what I wanted; knowledgeable instructors, inclusive environment and encouragement from a group of like minded ladies. Fast forward a year.... I am training 3 days a week with PTK working on lifting and weighted cardio. My goal was to master the powerlifting (squats, deadlift and bench press) and try my hand at Olympic lifts (clean and jerk and snatch). I couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer! Kayleigh does a great job and always with a smile. If you are looking for a PT that will help you reach your goals then head straight to PTK.



I have only been to 3 sessions and I can already feel my mojo and self confidence coming back and that’s thanks to the amazing ladies at PTK.
I have had a very hectic 4 years and hadn’t done anything for myself in that time (full time mum) so I decided to give PTK a whirl and I’m so so glad I did, lovely people who immediately put you at ease! Big love to PTK ❤️



REVIEW: just finished my first Ladies that Lift course and, at 67 with widespread arthritis and hip and knee relacements, thought I would be rubbish. But with Kayleigh's thoughtful and encouraging tuition I achieved much more than I expected and have now joined a gym and am carrying on with the weights, Yay! So thanks Kayleigh xx



Started the fat blast 6 week course 3 weeks ago and so pleased I did. It has given me the kick up the backside that I needed with my fitness & health. I look forward to going to the classes and it’s a reason to get me out of the house. Kayleigh is fantastic, so welcoming & the most motivational speaker I know plus everything is always done in such a positive way. Not only am I pleased to have found PTK for the fitness element, it’s also really sociable and fun. It’s nice when you can have a chat and a giggle whilst working out in a great atmosphere. Thank you PTK 👍🏼



I'm really very cynical, and can be pretty antisocial too, so I admit that when I first came across PTK and saw the #ptkfamily I thought it was a really cheesy marketing ploy.

I'm happy to say that I've never been so wrong. The genuine ethos of the community that PTK had built up really is a family group and you are immediately welcomed in with open arms. This means that not only are the classes effective and challenging, they are also enjoyable and you look forward to going back.

I joined the November challenge and the group was so supportive and encouraging, I made it to the end of the month with ease. I more than doubled my average daily step count, but barely even noticed as I was doing it, it just felt natural to be moving more. The daily challenges were varied and (mostly!) enjoyable, with a focus not just on exercise, but on enjoying life and overall wellness, including mental health.

I would highly recommend PTK either as a 1:1 trainer, joining the classes or the online groups.



Both me and my daughter go to kayleigh gym we have not been going long and they were recommended by a friend and we have never looked back it is a relaxed atmosphere and you are not made to feel self conscious about yourself both kayleigh and her mum dot are really good teacher's and let you go at your pace but I do things I never thought I would do at my age Iam 63 and I have never felt fitter I still have a way to go but I will get there also my daughter has disabilities and they are great with her and she can do things like never thought I would see her do I would 100 per cent recommend PTK gym in fact 1000 per cent i can't thank them enough for what they have done for me and my daughter before we went there were did not know the word exercise but we love it and it is great.



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